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Rtd Probe

RTD Probe with Copper Tip and Extension Cable, Class B

Class B, pt100 RTD probes have a copper tip that provides enhanced temperature response. Available in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations and various sizes.

Extruder RTD Probes with Compression Fittings

Thin-film element RTD probes with 1/8" NPT brass compression fittings and armored cable. Commonly used in extruder & molding equipment. Straight and bend options available.

Integral Cable RTD Probes with Class A Accuracy Sanitary

PT100 Class A accuracy Sanitary 4-wire RTD probe with PFA coated integral cable with strain relief. For use in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and wash down areas.

Handheld RTD probes with Integral Handle & Retractable Cable

Handheld RTD probes have a plastic handle with a retractable cable. Probe styles include immersion, reduced diameter tip, penetration and air probes.

Quick Disconnect Handheld RTD Probes with Removable Handle

Handheld RTD probes with a removable plastic handle and retractable cable. Probe styles include immersion, penetration and air probes with 3-prong connectors.

Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Miniature Aluminum Protection Head

Our PR-14 series RTD probe has miniature aluminum protection head and screw-on cap with chain. It includes PT100 Ω or PT1000 Ω RTD element, and 1/2" NPT mounting threads

Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Cast Iron Protection Head

Our PR-12 series probe cast iron protection head and screw-on cap contains PT100 Ω platinum RTD element or PT1000 Ω RTD element, and 1/2" NPT mounting threads.

RTD Immersion Probe Ideal for HVAC and Building Management

The ACI RTD Immersion sensor is a single point temperature sensor that is designed for use with electronic controllers in commercial heating and cooling building management systems.

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