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Pressure Gauges

Omega carries a wide range of pressure gauges for every purpose or use. We have digital gauges with alarms, DC loop-powered gauges, commercial-grade type C gauges, differential pressure gauges, and

Strain Gauges

Available in a variety of models to cover most strain measurement applications. Rugged construction and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic measurement.


Electronic manometers are used to make precision measurements of low pressures. Units are often millitorr, inches of water, mmHg Pa, kPa, mmH2O and more. Accuracies as high as 0.025% and reading as fi...
Pressure Meters
Omega’s HHP9303 hand-held pressure meter and data logger comes with a 2 GB SD card for convenient data logging, but it can accommodate up to 16 GB. It also features interchangeable pressure sensors av...
Pressure Transducers
Best used when the signal must be transmitted long distances. It is not uncommon to use these pressure transducers in applications where the lead wire must be 1000 feet or more.
Pressure Sensors
Omega’s thin-film pressure sensor is small, lightweight, and NEMA 4 rated. It has an output of 100 mV and it’s all-stainless-steel case enables it to have excellent long-term stability. Available in r...
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