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Thermocouple and RTD Wire and Cable

40 Products found
High Temperature Low Drift Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable

Super OMEGACLAD™ XL sheathed mineral-insulated thermocouple wire can be used at high temperatures for prolonged periods with very little drift of the base metal thermocoup... Read More

High Temperature M12 Extension Cables

M12 Female Connector Wiring

    Read More

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BX Type Thermocouple Extension Wire

Compensating Extension Wires for Platinum 6% Rhodium (-)/Platinum 30% Rhodium (+) Thermocouples ANSI Color Code: Positive Wire, Gray Negative Wire, Red Overall, G... Read More

Thermocouple Extension Wire with PFA-Coated Wire with 304SS Overbraid

OMEGA™ extension cables are designed for use in connecting a thermocouple probe to a readout or indicator. Made from extension grade thermocouple wire, J, K and E wire type... Read More

G Type Thermocouple Extension Wire

Compensating Extension Wires for W/W26%Re Thermocouples. Alloy types 200/226. Color Code: Positive Wire, White/Blue Trace Negative Wire, Red Overall, White/Blue Trace... Read More

J Type Thermocouple Extension Wire

Description ANSI Color Code :Positive Wire, White Negative Wire, Red Overall, BrownOMEGA Engineering does not use reprocessed PFA or PVC in manufacturing... Read More

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Metric Dual OMEGACLAD Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Wire M.I. Cable with MgO

OMEGACLAD™ wire is metal-sheathed cable containing thermocouple wires which are insulated from each other and from the sheath by highly compacted magnesium oxide (MgO). Met... Read More

Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire

In order to meet the immediate needs of science and industry for highest quality thermocouple wire in practical quantities at reasonable prices, OMEGA makes available therm... Read More

Fine Gage Diameter Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouples

Tungsten-Rhenium thermocouple alloy combinations were developed to meet the need for measuring ultra-high temperatures in the 4200°F (2315°C) range.OMEGA makes ... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

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