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Electrical Enclosures

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Fiberglass Electrical Enclosures, NEMA 4X/3R Outdoor

The EK Series polycarbonate enclosures are a unique design to house and protect standard IEC components,

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NEMA 4X Enclosures for DIN Rail Mount IEC Components

The EK Series polycarbonate enclosures are a unique design to house and protect standard IEC components

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NEMA 4 Single Door Outdoor Electrical Enclosures & Cabinets.

The SCE-4EL series electrical enclosures and cabinets are designed to house electrical and electronic controls, instruments and components.

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NEMA 4X (IP66) Non-Metallic Fiberglass Pushbutton Enclosures

OM-AMPB Series non-metallic fiberglass pushbutton enclosures are designed to insulate and protect electrical controls and components in both indoor and outdoor applications

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Liquid Tight Cord Grips and Strain Reliefs

Liquid tight cable glands and cord grips are available in gray or black and come in metric or NPT threads.

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NEMA 4 & 12 Operator Work Stations

The SCE-DC Series of operator desk consoles are intended for indoor use to house electronic and electrical instruments and controls.

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NEMA 4 Junction Outdoor Electrical Enclosures, 6x4 to 20x20

NEMA type 4 electrical enclosures and cabinets can be uses indoors or outdoors.

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Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Weatherproof Enclosure - NEMA 4X (IP66)

OM-AMHD-R Series enclosure designed to insulate/house heavy duty batteries for telemetry in outdoor locations & suited for corrosive or marine environments.

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Fiberglass Enclosure Solid/Clear Cover, NEMA3R/4X Indoor/Outdoor

OM-AMU series fiberglass enclosures designed to insulate & protect electrical controls, components in both indoor/outdoor applications & high. temp. & corrosive environments.

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Vent Plug IP55

It has become more and more important to provide a protected enclosure environment for valuable and crucial electrical and electronic components.

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Junction Box and Controls Enclosures

These connection kit are necessary so the user can connect power supplied to the heat trace product, provide sealing for the heating cable & terminate the cable connections.

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Pre-Cut Panel, DIN Meter/Controller, NEMA 4X Fiberglass Enclosure

These front panels are 2 mm (0.090') thick aluminum and are pre-cut for up to three DIN size controllers, depending on the size of the enclosure.

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NEMA 4 Single-Door Electrical Enclosures in sizes 12x24 to 72x36

SCE-LP series of electrical enclosures & cabinets designed to house electrical, electronic controls, instruments, components. Provides protection from dust, dirt, oil & water.

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Vent Plug

Pressure differentials in enclosures with a high degree of protection with respect to humidity and dust are a result of inside and outside temperature fluctuations.

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Polycarbonate Electrical Enclosures with Solid or Clear Covers

AMP Series polycarbonate enclosures designed to insulate & protect electrical controls and components in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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NEMA Type 4 Electrical Enclosures in sizes from 4x4 to 16x14

The SCE-CH Series electrical enclosures are designed for use as electrical junction boxes, terminal wiring boxes, instrument housings, and electrical control enclosures.

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Indoor/Outdoor Enclosure with Provisions for Disconnect

SCE-XELLP Series 2 door indoor/outdoor electrical enclosure designed to house electrical, electronic controls, instruments, equipment that are hosed down or in wet conditions

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Junction Box-Wall Mount NEMA4/4X, Wiring, Electrical Components

Junction Boxes - Wall Mount NEMA 4 & 4X Electrical Enclosures for Through Wiring and Housing Electrical Components and Instruments - Sizes 9 x 12 to 9 x 36"""

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NEMA 12 Steel Pushbutton Enclosures for 22/30.5 mm Push Buttons

Designed to offer protection for oil-tight pushbuttons, switches, and pilot lights from dust, water, dirt and oil.

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Electrical Enclosures

Electrical enclosures are a key part of many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory settings. Omega Engineering’s selection of electrical enclosures are designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and components and provide protection from dust, moisture, corrosion, and other environmental conditions.

Omega’s enclosures come with options such as screw covers, disconnects, and leg kits – and are ideal for use in harsh and humid environments.
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