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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

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Stepper Motors

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Washdown Stepper Motors for Wet and Dusty Environments

The OMHW Series are stepper motors designed for wet and dusty environments. They are bipolar IP65-Rated with NEMA 23, 24 and 34 frame sizes available.

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2-phase Biploar Step Motors with High Torque Models

The OMHT Series are 2-phase Biploar Step Motors with size ranging from NEMA 11 to NEMA 34. Torque ranges are up to 1845 oz-in with microstepping up to 51,200 steps/rev.

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Integrated Stepper Motors,Advanced Features,Control Options

Integrated Stepper Drives/Motors with Advanced Features and Control Options, Pulse & Direction, Analog Input (Velocity/Position), Serial Commands, Multi-Axis, Microstepping

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Related Categories

Stepper Motors

We carry a wide variety of stepper motors including washdown stepper motors for use in wet or dusty environments, 2-phase bipolar motors, integrated stepper motors, and more.
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