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Data Converters

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Industrial Ethernet to Serial Device Servers

OM-ES-511/OM-ES-522 are software selectable RS232, RS422/485 full duplex, RS422 half duplex and have removable screw terminals blocks for easy wiring, a slim DIN rail mount.

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Economical, RS-232 to USB Interface Converter

The OM-CONV-USB USB to serial I/O converter provides a single USB to RS-232 serial port providing USB connectivity to non-USB compliant devices.

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RS-232 to RS-485 Converter, 3kV Isolation

Most industrial computer systems provide standard RS-232 serial ports, 3kV Isolation, Auto Switching Baud Rate, 300 to 115,200 bps, DIN-Rail Mountable.

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DIN-Rail Mountable Serial RS-232/422/485 to USB Converter

The I-7561 is a cost-effective module for transferring serial data via USB 1.1/2.0 (High Speed), 3000 VDC Isolation Protection on the RS-232/422/485.

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DIN-Rail Mountable RS-485 3 Way Converter Hub

The I-7513 is a 3-ch RS-485 Active Star Wiring Hub, 3000 VDC Three Way Isolation, Auto Switching Baud Rate, 300 to 115,200 bps, DIN-Rail Mountable.

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Signal Converters/Repeaters For D1000/D2000 Digital Transmitters

The A1000 and A2000 signal converters allow users to establish an effective data acquisition system over long distances, to 4,000 feet, driving 32 Modules.

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Fully Isolated RS-232/RS-485 Converters, 1.5 kV Isolation

The DCP-485 is a compact RS-232- to-RS-485 converter which features a complete electrical isolation barrier and heavy duty electrical surge protectors.

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Serial to Ethernet Data Converters, Modbus/TCP Master and Slave

TDS-700 a Serial-to-Ethernet device servers, adds Ethernet & Internet connectivity to RS-232 & RS-422/485 device, and eliminate cable length of legacy serial communication.

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RS-232 to RS-422/485 Converter, DTE/DCE Compatible

The CAT-285 is a unique interface converter that can be configured by the user to convert either RS-422 or RS-485 to RS-232, DTE/DCE Compatible.

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Ethernet to Serial Device Server 10/100Base

The OM-ES-020 Ethernet 10/100Base to serial device server is ideal for industrial applications, Non-Windows Users, Maximum Baud Rate 1,000,000 (1 MegaBaud) .

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Data Converters

Data Converters are important tools in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. Data converters are used to connect non-USB compliant devices to USB ports, to add Ethernet and Internet connectivity to RS-232 and RS-422/485 devices, and to convert RS-232 to RS-422/485.

Omega Engineering offers an extensive line of data converters – including RS-232 to USB interface converters, fully isolated RS-232 to RS-485 converters, and industrial ethernet to serial device servers.
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