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Paddlewheel Flow Meters

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Low Flow Polyproplene & TFE Liquid Flow Meters

The FPR300-Series body material is polypropylene, with transparent acrylic covers for visual flow indication. Polypropylene covers are available as an option.

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Low Flow Indicating Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FTB300-Series of digital paddlewheel are an economical choice for low flow rate applications. They use Infra-red light beam technology. Available in 1/8 FNPT, 1/4 FNPT.

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General Purpose Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FPB100 sensor is an industry standard and has the added functionality of various output options including flow switch, multi-functional pulse divider or 4 to 20 mA.

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Stainless Steel Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP-5200 also features OMEGA's patented "open-cell" rotor, for increased linearity at 1% over the full dynamic range of 1.6 to 20 fps, with negligible head loss.

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PVDF Flow Monitoring System for Corrosive Fluids

For maintaining safe transport of highly corrosive acids, you can depend on OMEGA's all-PVDF FP5100-Series flow monitoring systems.

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Low Velocity Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP-5600 and FP8500A-Series low flow sensors are high resolution, low power devices ideal for measuring flow in piping systems with extremely low velocities.

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Low Cost Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP5100-Series is accurate to ±0.2 fps, with repeatability at ±0.1 fps. This insertion sensor operates on a simple electromechanical principle.

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Battery Powered Indicating Flow Meter For Rate or Total Flow

The FP2000-Series displays the rate of flow, total or both (depending on the model selected) on a 6-digit LCD display. Two AAA batteries power the unit for up to one year.

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Fixed Length Inseration Paddlewheel Flow & Temperature Meter

The FP7001A paddlewheel flow and temperature sensor is ideal for accurate monitoring of industrial water flows, hard-to-handle corrosive solutions, and high purity fluids .

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Flow Sensor with Visual Indication and Switch or Pulse Output

The FPR100-Series sensors are designed with a one-piece composite rotor, sturdy unibody construction, ceramic shafts, and superior sealing, to provide durability and economy.

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Mini PVDF Flow Sensor

The FP-5070 Mini-Flow sensor is ideal for precision low flow. The FP-5070 is available in four flow range configurations, covering a very wide range of flows

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Paddlewheel Flow & Temperature Meter

The FP7002-Series Paddlewheel Flow sensor/transmitter flow system provides a simple solution for applications requiring a remote flow temperature sensor.

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Adjustable Length Insertation Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP6500-Series features Ruby bearings and a non-drag pick-off that give these adjustable insertion flow sensors the widest flow range of any of the paddlewheel types.

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All Metal Hot Tap Option Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP-2540-Series offer the added strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel for applications requiring low velocity measurement.

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Indicating Plastic Paddlewheel Flow Meter W/Alarms & Totalizers

FP1400-Series flowmeters have two programmable flow totalizers, low, high, or range flow and temperature alarm, two sets of optically isolated outputs, and flow pulse output.

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Plastic Paddlewheel Flow Meters With Optional RTD Sensor

Fluid through the FPB1400 causes the paddlewheel to spin. As the paddle magnets spin, electrical pulses are produced in which frequency is proportional to the flow rate.

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Paddlewheel Flow Meters

Sensing, monitoring and control in one simple system, view the different options to get the right system for your application. Read our guide If you want to learn more about Paddlewheel Flow Meters
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