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Temperature Autotune Controller with Sensitive Touch Keypad

CN38S Temperature Autotune Controller with Sensitive Touch Keypad offers On/Off or PID control with Soft Start Delay to protect equipment including pumps and compressors

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1/4 DIN RTD Input High Accuracy Bright LED Digital Controllers

4200A 1/4 DIN high accuracy controller includes a bright LED display for temperature indication or setpoint for RTD input, single or dual setpoint with modular output types.

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1/4 DIN 6 Zone Universal Input Autotune Ramp & Soak Controller

CN616A 1/4 DIN 6 Zone Universal Controller offers Autotune with independent programming for each zone with ramp & soak, 2 alarm relays, RS232/RS485 and free software

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1/16 DIN Universal Autotune Controller with NEMA 4X Front Panel

CN8501 Series 1/16 DIN Universal Input Autotune Controllers offer a dual display, NEMA 4X Front Panel with optional alarms, RS232/RS485 and process output

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1/8 and 1/4 DIN Autotune Universal Input Controllers

CN8500 Series 1/8 and 1/4 DIN Universal Input Autotune Controllers offer a dual display, NEMA 4X Front Panel with optional alarms, RS232/RS485 and process output

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1/8 and 1/4 DIN Autotune Universal Input  Ramp/Soak Controllers

CN8240/CN8260 Series 1/8 DIN Vertical and 1/4 DIN Universal Input Autotune Controllers offer an 8-segment Ramp/Soak program with optional alarms and RS232/RS485

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Pulse Control Module convert 4-20mA to time proportional SSR Input

The OMEGA PCM series converter modules facilitate conversion of a 4 to 20 mA output to an on/off time proportioning output 3 to 32 Vdc Input to SSR.

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Single input with dual relays, LED display and repeater output

The LVCN-50 Series proportional controller is both a proportional and an on/off controller. It can easily program up to three continuous process setpoints and has a numerical display.

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PCM5 convert a 4 to 20 mA signal to a time proportional output

The OMEGA PCM5 Series converter is designed to convert a 4 to 20 mA signal from a process/ temperature controller or computer to a time proportional output.

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200:1, NEMA 4 (IP66), Electronic Proportioning Valves

The PV14 series of electronic proportioning valve takes an electrical input signal and adjust the flow through a pipe from fully closed to fully open.

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100:1, 1/4" Compression, 316ss, Electronic Proportioning Valves

The FSV10 Series proportioning valves with a pulsed driver electronic solenoid can precisely control the flow of a wide variety of gases and liquids

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Toroidal Conductivity Analyzer

Toroidal Conductivity or Concentration Analyzer. Discontinued. Replaced by AM-2251

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Frequency Input Ratemeter/Totalizer, 6 Digits Display

The DPF75 is a combination 6 digit totalizer/batch controller and 5 1 /2 digit ratemeter with two relays for 2-stage batch control or dual rate alarms.

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Strain and Process Meter with Large, Selectable Color Display

The OMEGA DP25B series Digital Panel Meters feature the biggest brightest display of any 1/8 DIN panel meter. The user can select the display color: RED, AMBER, or GREEN.

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Low Cost Paddlewheel Flow Meter

The FP5100-Series is accurate to ±0.2 fps, with repeatability at ±0.1 fps. This insertion sensor operates on a simple electromechanical principle.

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Pulse or Current Output Low Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The FMG70B Series from OMEGA is a trio of extremely compact, low cost, inductive magnetic flow sensors. The output signal frequency (or current) is proportional to the flow.

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Solid State Temperature Sensor with a Linear Current Output

Solid state temp sensors convert a temp input into a proportional current output. Ideal for fast response surface measurements, controllers/meters, PC boards & custom probes.

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General Purpose Current to Pressure I/P Converter

The IP210A series is a general purpose pressure converter with a IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure for pneumatic control up to 120 psi with a DIN connection and adjustable zero and span.

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Compact Current I/P  to Pressure Converter

The IP710 series provides precise, stable pressure control for pneumatic applications including valve actuators, air cylinders, pumps, etc. with a high 0.1% accuracy.

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Modular Signal Conditioner Data Acquisition Systems

OM5 Series modular conditioners allow multiple modules to connect to a backplane with process outputs. TC, DC I/V, RTD, Bipolar voltage input. Single DC power supply

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