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High Accuracy Transducer

High Accuracy Pressure Transducers with Shunt Calibrator

The PX931 series has a high ±0.15% accuracy, along with a shunt calibrator for quick, convenient calibration checks. Available in many outputs and ranges.

High Accuracy, Sanitary Pressure Transducers

The PX409S series are available with 1½" or 2" sanitary fittings for clean-in-place applications in food processing, beverage or bio/ pharmaceutical applications.

Configurable, High Accuracy Pressure Transducers

The PX409 series, with a high ±0.08% accuracy, are configurable with several standard pressure, output, and connection options. Our configurator offers additional custom options.

High Accuracy oil filled Wet/Dry and Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducers

High Accuracy oil filled Wet/Dray and Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transducers

Highly Configurable, High Accuracy, Custom Pressure Transducers

MM Series custom transducers allow for over 1-million possible combinations of parameters such as pressure type, range, unit, material, output, accuracy, fitting, temperature compensation range, and electrical termination.

High Accuracy, Hermetically Sealed Pressure Transducers

The PX01 series have a high ±0.09% accuracy and rugged, hermetically sealed housing that makes them suitable for harsh industrial and hydraulic environments.

High Accuracy Pressure Transducers with Long Term Stability

The PX5500 series are stable to 0.1% of FSO over an 18-month period and have 10-year MTBF rate to withstand rigorous testing and demanding applications.

High Accuracy, Barometric Pressure Transducers

The PX2760 is an electric barometer with a rugged capacitive design, fast response time, and 3 field selectable ranges in one unit.

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