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Immersion Probe

Thermistor Immersion Probe Ideal for HVAC and Building Management

The ACI Thermistor Immersion sensor is a single point temperature sensor that is designed for use with electronic controllers in commercial heating and cooling building management systems.

Thermistor Immersion Probes with Lead Wire

General use, straight thermistor probes can be used as-is or adapted with mounting accessories. Multiple resistances and accuracies available. Probes have extension cables.

Handheld Thermocouple Immersion Probes

Integral handle thermocouple probes for immersion applications with retractable cable and miniature connector for quickly connecting to instrumentation or handheld devices.

Thermistor Immersion Probes with a Standard M12 Connector

Available with a variety of straight and tapered mounting threads and a standard (85°C max) M12 connector.

Thermistor Immersion Probes with High Temp M12 Connections

Available with a variety of straight and tapered mounting threads, two diameters and various lengths and a high temperature (200°C) M12 connector.

Small Diameter Immersion Thermocouple Probes with PFA cable

Configurable thermocouples with 0.010", 0.020", 0.032", or 0.040" diameter probes, metal transition joints and PFA insulated extension wires.

Immersion Thermistor Probes with 1/8" NPT Fitting & Lead Wire

Thermistor probes with 1/8" NPT mounting threads for liquid immersion and pressurized applications. Five resistances and two accuracies available.

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