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OMEGA Web Technical Reference

At OMEGA, we want you to be as knowledgeable about our products as we are.
Here you'll find information about many of the applications which our products can be used in.


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Including: Product Selection Guides, Temperature Measurement and Control, Using Thermocouples, Thermocouple Reference Data, Thermocouple Tables, RTD and Thermistors, Infrared Temperature, Cryogenic, Conversion Charts, and other useful information!

Temperature Related

Introduction to Temperature Measurement

Frequently Asked Temperature Questions

M12 Temperature Connectors

Panel Meter Selection Guide



Calibration Services

Safety Data Sheets

Thermodynamic Fixed Points

Calibration 101

Cryogenic Temperature Sensors

Resolution and Accuracy of Cryogenic Measurements

High Speed Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter Article



Thermocouple Tutorial (includes basic information, Product links, Technical links and reference charts and graphs)

Thermocouple Wire Color Codes and Limits of Error

Thermocouples and Thermocouple Assemblies - Introduction

Time Constant Thermocouple

Transmitter Space in Connection Heads

Infrared Thermocouples, Extended Temperature Ranges

Introduction to Unsheathed Fine Gage Thermocouples

OMEGA Thermocouples and the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope


Thermocouple Temperature vs. Output Tables

Type B, Degrees C:

Type B, Degrees F:

Type C, Degrees C:

Type C, Degrees F:

Type E, Degrees C:

Type E, Degrees F:

Type J, Degrees C:

Type J, Degrees F:

Type K, Degrees C:

Type K, Degrees F:

Type N, Degrees C:

Type N Degrees F:

Type R, Degrees C:

Type R, Degrees F:

Type S, Degrees C:

Type S, Degrees F:

Type T, Degrees C:

Type T, Degrees F:

Types C, G and D, Degrees F:

Chromel/Gold .07% Iron, Degrees K:



What are RTD Sesnors and What Types are Available?

RTD Selection Guide from OMEGA Handbook

RTD Interchangeability Tolerance Chart

RTD Resistance and Accuracy Calculations

Resistance Vs. Temperature Curves for .00385 RTDs

Resistance Vs. Temperature Curves for .00392 RTDs

Portable RTD System for Remote Locations



What is a Thermistor and How Does it Work?

Using Thermistors

Interchangeable Thermistor Applications

Thermistor Non-linear Resistance vs. Temperature Tables

Thermistor Linear resistance vs. Temperature Tables


Infrared and Wireless Sensor Related

Hand Held Infrared Sensors

Infrared Guide from Handbook

Fiber Optic IR Sensors

Fiber Optics A New Approach

Handheld Infrared Thermometers for All Applications

Infrared Thermocouples, Extended Temperature Ranges

Principles of Infrared Thermometry

Microcomputer Based IR Temperature Transducers

Infrared Window Transmission

Table of Total Emissivity

Wireless Devices Deliver Great Benefits


Wire and Cable Information

Benefits of Mineral Insulated Cables in Critical Processes

Properties of PFA and FEP

Twisted Shielded Wire Case Study


Temperature Controllers and Recorders

What is a Temperature Controller?

Further Reading on Temperature Controllers

Temperature Control Tuning a PID Controller

Temperature Recorder Selection Guide

Chart Recorder Basics

Chart Recorder Case Study: CTXL

Solid State Relay Thermal Considerations

Solid State Relays Defined and Described

Digital Signal Transmission


Hand-Held Meters and Thermometers

HandHeld Sensors Selection Guide

General Test and Measurement Selection Guide

Hand Held Infrared Sensors


Other Temperature Reference Information

An Introduction to Sanitary Sensors

Intrinsic Safety PDF

What is Meant by Intrinsic Safety?

Intrinsic Safety Circuit Design

ASCII Code values

International Standards Codes

Transmitter Space in Connection Heads

Physical Units Conversion Factors

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electrical Units Conversion Factors

Sanitary Sensors

Heat Wave, A National Problem

Humidity: Dewpoint Charts

Equilibrium Relative Humidity

Electronics Basics

Pressure, Strain and Force Related

Flow and Level Related

Conductivity, pH, and Environment Related

Data Acquisition Related

Automation Related

Electric Heaters Related



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