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Temperature and Humidity Transmitters

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HHT Series

Takes accurate measurements in the harshest of environments. The transmitter is offered in explosion-proof and intrinsically-safe versions depending on the applications requirements. The explosion-proof model is offered with 4 to 20 mA outputs for humidity only. The intrinsically-safe version is offered with 4 to 20 mA output for humidity and temperature. Both versions have an optional two line alphanumeric display to show the current humidity and temperature.

Duct,Wall,Remote Mount Temp,Humidity,& Dewpoint Transmitters

The HX200 Series can be configured as either a dew point or relative humidity transmitter. Perfect for compressed air and dryer applications. Selectable 4-20mA or RS232 output.

Wall, Remote, or Duct Mt. Temp, RH, Dew Pt, or BP Transmitters

The HX80 Series are precision transmitters that measure temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric, or atmospheric pressure and are available in wall, duct, or remote mount sensors

Chilled Mirror Dew Point/Temperature Transmitter

The CMDP-Series is a family of low-cost dew point chilled mirror transmitters that can be configured as a duct, wall, or pipe unit. The unit offers stable and accurate measurements.

Temperature/RH Conditioner/Transmitter Probe w/ 4 Output Options

HX94B Series conditioners/transmitters measure temperature and relative humidity with 4 process outputs options. SS NEMA 4 (IP65) housing. Duct or wall mount probes.

Relative Humidity Signal Conditioner/Transmitter with Probe

HX92B Series conditioners/transmitters measure relative humidity with process output. Duct mount kit and remote probe models. Field replaceable sensor.

Temperature/Relative Humidity Conditioner/Transmitter Probe

HX94 Series conditioners/transmitters measure temperature and relative humidity with process outputs. Stainless steel NEMA 4 (IP65) housing. Duct or wall mount probes.

High Temp Relative Humidity Temperature Transmitter w/ Probe

The HX15 Series Signal Conditioner has a remote stainless steel probe included with wall or duct mount models. 2% RH, 0.5°C accuracy. Two probe options available.

Compact Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter is an ideal transmitter for applications where space is limited. Ideal for environmental chambers, rubber bladder burst detection, and air handler applications.

Temperature/Relative Humidity Transmitter w/ Display & Probe

HX93B Series conditioners/transmitters measure temperature and relative humidity with process output options. Models with display, duct mount or wall mount probes.

Temperature, Relative Humidity Signal Conditioner with LCD

The HX400 Series Conditioners have a remote probe to measure temperature and relative humidity and output single or dual channel 4-20mA outputs. Models with LCD, SSR output.

Optical Chilled Mirror Dew Point Transmitter

The RHCM-40 Series dew point transmitter is an optical chilled mirror high performance hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases.

Temperature and Humidity Transmitters

Temperature and humidity transmitters are important components used in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. Omega Engineering offers a wide selection of temperature and humidity transmitters that provide remote and on-site monitoring of temperature and relative humidity.

Our Temperature and Humidity Transmitters are designed to accurately measure and monitor both temperature and humidity in a variety of industrial and laboratory settings. From remote probes and stainless-steel housing to wall and duct mount models, our transmitters are designed to be reliable and accurate.
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