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Handheld Probes

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Handheld High Temperature Surface Thermocouple Probes

Integral handle thermocouple probes feature an exposed tip for measuring surface temperatures up to 1100°C. Includes retractable cable and connector.

Thin Leaf-Type Thermocouple Handle Probes for Flat Surfaces

Thermocouple handle probes with flat leaf-type tips ideal for measuring the temperature of flat surfaces or layered objects like plywood, paper, and laminates up to 300°C.

Handheld Thermocouple Probes with Custom Tip Options

Integral handle thermocouple probes with options including penetration, reduced diameter, air & flexible surface tip geometries. Includes retractable cable & stripped leads.

Handheld Thermocouple Probes with Fixed Length or Retractable Cable

Utility handle thermocouple probes with a fixed length or retractable cable, and miniature connector. Handle is molded directly to the probe sheath. Various sizes and calibrations available.

Heavy Duty Handheld Surface Probes

Heavy duty general purpose, surface, roller, beaded wire, needle point, and right angle thermocouple probes.

RTD Utility Handle Probe

The PR-16 series features an easy-grip molded handle. It has a 3-conductor retractable cable and is available in standard lengths of 12, 18 and 24 inches.

Round Face Thermocouple Handle Probes for Stationary Surfaces

Thermocouple handle probes with compact faces ideal for measuring stationary molds, plates, pipes, glassware, stone, steel and other materials with surface temps up to 480°C.

Thermocouple Probes with Mating Connector and Hardware

Immersion, penetration, flexible surface and air probes supplied with miniature connector, mating connector, cable clamp and locking clip. For use with handles

High Temperature Foundry Thermocouple Probes

Handheld type K thermocouple probes with unique tip for use in measuring the temperature of molten metals and conductive liquids. Rated for use to 1260°C.

T-Handle Penetration Thermocouple Probe

T style probe construction with a pointed penetration tip provides the means for inserting this thermocouple probe into fruit, vegetable, grain and other similar materials.

Handheld Surface and Insertion Thermocouple Probes

Handheld thermocouple probes in Type E and K calibrations. For small surface, penetration, air and/or hypodermic type applications.

High Temp Low Drift Handheld Thermocouple Probes

Utility handle thermocouple probes made with Omegaclad XL sheath material. These probes have superior long-term stability and low drift at high temperatures.

Teflon Block Thermocouple Probes for Unique Surfaces

Teflon block style thermocouple handle probes with a spring-loaded thermocouple band for measuring the temperature of stationary, moving, or rotating surfaces up to 250°C.

Roller Thermocouple Handle Probes for Moving or Rotating Surfaces

Thermocouple handle probes with roller bearings and a spring-loaded thermocouple band for measuring the temperature of moving and/or rotating surfaces up to 205°C.

Thermocouple Handle Probes for High Temperature Surfaces

Thermocouple handle probes feature a spring-loaded thermocouple band and compact sensor design. Made from high temperature materials for measuring surface temps up to 760°C.

Handheld Thermocouple Probe with Short Penetration Tip

Handheld thermocouple probe with a low-profile hypodermic pointed tip that is least likely to disturb the surrounding area.

Probe Handles with Retractable Cables

Can be used with thermocouple, RTD or thermistor probes with 2 or 3 pin miniature or standard size connectors. Plastic or Aluminum handle options.

Quick Disconnect Handheld Thermocouple Surface Probes

Interchangeable utility handle thermocouple probes with options including hypodermic, penetration, reduced-tip, air probe, ceramic, and general purpose tips.

Handheld Thermocouple Immersion Probes

Integral handle thermocouple probes for immersion applications with retractable cable and miniature connector for quickly connecting to instrumentation or handheld devices.

Handheld Probes

Used for manual inspection, maintenance, and other ad-hoc temperature measurements, these probes come in a variety of handle designs to meet your different ergonomic preferences and application needs.
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