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Water Quality Meters

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Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter w/Real Time SD Card Data Logger

The CDH-SD11 measures conductivity, TDS, or salt concentration using a graphite plate electrode for long life and incorporates a real-time SD card data logger.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter Kit with Optional SD Card Data Logger

The DOH-10-Meter measures DO and has adjustments for altitude and TDS. Download data from the SD card on DL Model. Used in water conditioning, aquariums, fish hatcheries

Handheld Resistivity and Conductivity Tester

CDH-93 resistivity and conductivity meter uses automatic frequency conversion and booster technology to keep the electrode constant the same in different solution strengths.

Multi-variable Water Quality Testers

The PHH-7000 Series are easy to use and feature replaceable sensors. Each kit comes in a convenient carrying case with buffer or standard solutions for easy calibration.

Economical Conductivity Meter Kit With Probe

The CDH221 is ideal for quality control, agricultural industry, water conditioning, beverage, fish hatcheries, laboratory, universities and many other Industrial applications

pH Benchtop Meter with RS232 Communications

The PHB-600R with its built-in microprocessor precisely measures pH and mV in water solutions. This makes it ideal for laboratory, industrial, and manufacturing applications

Splashproof Portable pH/mV Measurement Kit

The PHH-257-KIT is designed for field and laboratory measurement of pH. Supplied as a complete kit, the PHH-257-KIT is perfect for transporting to remote locations.

Handheld Salinity Meter, ATC, Gram Conversion

The CDH45 is designed for low-concentration salinity measurement, ATC, Average Calculation, Gram Conversion and %, for food industry.

pH, ORP, Conductivity and TDS Test Kits

The kits are used for testing either pH, or Conductivity, or ORP, or TDS. Please review the full specifications for a complete list of available models

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Portable Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity Meter

The CDH-287 is a portable, multi-ranging conductivity meter. It also measures resistivity, total dissolved solids and practical salinity, making the CDH-287 a versatile meter.

Portable pH/mV Meters with ATC

The PHH-253-KIT is ideal for accurate measurement of pH and mV in the field or in the laboratory and comes with meter, pH electrode, temperature probe, and carrying case.

pH/ORP Meter with Real-Time Data Logger

The PHH-SD1 measures pH or mV (ORP) using standard electrodes with BNC connectors. Download data from the SD card directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

pH/mV/Temperature Meter Kit w/ Optional SD Card Data Logger

The PHH444 includes Meter, pH Sensor, pH 4,7,10 calibration solution, calibration certificate, 3 AAA batteries and carrying case. DL Model comes with 8GB SD Card Data Logger

Portable pH/ORP/Conductivity/TDS/Salt and Temperature Meter

The CDS107 is a microprocessor based multi-purpose meter. It can be used as a benchtop or handheld meter to measure pH, ORP, conductivity, TDS, salt and temperature.

Handheld pH/mV Meter with RS232 Communications and Software

The PHH-37 is a portable pH/mV and temperature meter with a digital display. Its temperature compensation feature enables it to read solutions at various temperatures.

Water Quality Meters

Omega's Water Quality Meters for pH, conductivity, ORP, DO, and TDS include, pocket testers, handheld, and benchtop models. Availavle with data logging capability and some are multi-variable meters.
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