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  Digital Pressure Transducer with USB
Learn how to view, chart, and log real-time data from pressure transducers and transmitters using the OMEGA Digital Transducer.
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  UWBT Handheld Bluetooth® Wireless Temperature, Humidity & pH Transmitter
Connect the UWBT Transmitter to your device via Bluetooth and transform it into a meter, a data logger & a monitoring device. Compatible with iOS, Android & Kindle Fire.
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  CNPT Platinum Series - Part I : Introduction
Video introduction to the new OMEGA Platinum Series Temperature and Process Controllers and software.
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  CNPT Platinum Series - Part II: Software Features
An overview of the software features of the new OMEGA Platinum Series Temperature and Process Controllers.
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  Wireless Sensor Video
Learn about OMEGA's Wirelesss Thermocouple and Wireless RTD Products.
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  DRTB Series Thermocouple Terminal Blocks
Troubleshooting and datalogging has never been easier.
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  OS4000 Series High Speed Industrial Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter
Offers many standard features such as adjustable emissivity, linear analog output, high and low alarm voltage output and much more.
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  WT4001D Laboratory Grade Benchtop Wind-Tunnel with Instrumentation
Designed to give a highly uniform flow rate over a 152 mm (6") test section.
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  Research Quality Closed Loop Wind Tunnels
Quick Access Panel, Sensor Ports (6), Applications, Heat Sink Characterization, Component Testing and More.
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  WTM1000 Wind Tunnel
Gives a highly uniform flow rate at four selectable fixed air speeds, yet it costs less than competitive brands.
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  FMA1000 Industrial Air Velocity/Temperature Transmitter/Indicator
Measures and displays air velocity
as well as air temperature.
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  WT-2000 Wind Tunnel
For Thermal Evaluation of Circuit Boards, Heat Sinks, Components and Air Velocity Sensor Calibrations.
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  Miniature Wireless Thermocouple Connectors
These stand-alone, compact connectors transmit measurement data to a mating receiver up to 90 m (300') away.
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  OSXL-i Series Compact Thermal Imager
Find wasteful energy loss, locate moisture damage, document repairs, detect energized equipment, minimize downtime, and more.
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  OS555A High Temperature, Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer/Transmitter
If you need to measure temperature with a non-contact device in an industrial application, then this is your device.
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