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Process Meters

Trust Omega for accurate and easy-to-read process meters. We have them available in benchtop, digital panel, hand-held, and wall-mount models. And, each one boasts a large digital display, so you can quickly and easily record the results. Don’t trust your measurements to anyone else. Omega has a long history of manufacturing products that outperform the rest and that stand the test of time. Shop for process meters today at Omega and enjoy the very best performance and reliability we’re so well known for.

68 Products found

Large Displays Panel or Wall Mount

The LDB Series of large displays offer a wide range of measurement, alarm, and display capabilities for all types of industrial and commercial applications. Data can be see...

Starting at $460.10

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8-Channel Benchtop Digital Thermometer Data Logger

The DP9800 Series thermometer can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate, versatile 8 channel thermocouple and Pt100 RTD temperature measurements, scanning a...

Starting at $837.00

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1/8 DIN High Performance Temperature, Process and Strain Meter

The OMEGA™ DP41 Series of digital panel meter/controllers has set the world standard for accuracy and quality in industrial instrumentation. These meters can measure a bro...

Starting at $506.97

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1/8 DIN 4 & 7-Channel Temperature or Process Scanner with Optional Outputs

The DPS3000 Series Scanners monitor up to seven individual inputs. Each channel on the DPS3200 and DPS3204 can be programmed to accept different types of inputs, while the ...

Starting at $467.71

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Self-Powered Analog Pyrometers with Phenolic Fronts for Temperature Measurement

Analog Pyrometer OMEGA ® 7000 Series have thermocouple ranges calibrated for 10 ohms external resistance and are supplied with an adjustable 10 ohm resistor for use with th...

Starting at $844.50

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Process Scanners Wall-Mount 4- and 7-Zone

Housed in a wall-mount, watertight plastic enclosure, the DPS3300 Series scanners offer highly functional multichannel scanning with a number of very useful features. Tasks...

Starting at $759.00

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Fiber Optic Thermometer

Description The FOB100 fiber optic thermometer system comprises high-accuracy, multipurpose fiber optic temperature sensors with 1, 2, or 4 channels. It use a...

Starting at $304.47

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DISCONTINUED - Benchtop Digital iSeries Thermometers Ten-Channel Models

The MDSi8 single channel models have been discontinued. As a possible substitute, please check out the MDS8PT MDS8PT for details. At th...

Starting at $750.00

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Microprocessor-based Benchtop pH/mV Meters

Description The Model PHB-357 microprocessor-based, benchtop meter brings very accurate pH and mV measurements to the laboratory. Useful design features inclu...

Starting at $909.50

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High Performance Strain gauge Meter, High Resolution 6-Digit Display

The OMEGA ® DP41-S indicators offer exceptional performance in a strain gage meter. The DP41-S has standard built-in excitation. The input range is selected via internal j...

Starting at $506.97

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PLATINUM™ Series Digital Panel Meters

The Industry Leading PLATINUM Series family of microprocessor-based digital panel meters offer unparalleled flexibility in process measurement. While extremel...

Starting at $127.50

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1/4 DIN 10-Channel Automatic Temperature Scanner

The DP1001AM microprocessor-based 10-channel scanner accepts the same thermocouple input type for each input. Each channel can be manually or automatically scanned and acti...

Starting at $330.00

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