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Turbine Flow Meters

28 Products
G2-Series General Purpose Indicating Flow Meters & Transmitters

G2-Series GP Indicating Flow Meters & Transmitters are available with Rate & Total Indication only(Q9), Indication & Pulse output(P9), or Indication, Pulse & 4-20 mA outputs(42)

316 SS Turbine Flow Meters w/Pulse or Current Output

The FTB-1300 Series of turbine flow meters are designed for industrial and laboratory measurement of water, solvents and other low viscosity fluids.

Brass Turbine Flow Meter for Water

The FTB370 Series flow turbines are designed for flow rate measurement of water and many water based liquids. They are compact in design and have a wide measuring range.

304SS Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, Pulse Output

The FTB-900 Series is a low cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter with an amplified square wave pulse output available in 9sizes covering flow ranges between 0.176 to 880 GPM (6.66 to 3331 LPM)

Turbine Flow Meters For Fuel

FTB380 Series turbine meters with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, high precision fuel measurement device, with total and rate indication.

Flanged Mounted PVC Turbine Flow Meters

FTB700 Series turbine meters have a unique system of precisely-machined helical rotors and high-quality jewel bearings. The rotor is the only moving part.

316 SS Turbine Flow Meters w/ Pulse Output & NIST Cal Cert.

The FTB-1400 turbine flow meter is designed to meet the most rigorous flow measurement applications. The FTB-1400 is ideal for liquid flow measurement on or off the oilfield.

NSF/ANSI Certified Turbine Flow Meters

The meters are designed for flow measurement of low viscosity, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids including alkaline and water solutions, oils, fuel, beverages, and coolants.

304SS Liquid Turbine Flow Meter, 4 to 20mA Output

The FTB-800 Series is a low cost Liquid Turbine Flow Meter with a 4-20 mA output available in 9 sizes covering flow ranges between 0.176 to 880 GPM (6.66 to 3331 LPM)

Stainless Steel Low Flow Turbine Flow Meter w/Optional Display

FLR1000 Series flow sensors can measure low flow rates from 20 mL/min to 500 L/min. These sensors are suitable for industrial, commercial, and laboratory flow applications.

Liquid Flow Transmitter with Visual Indication

The FPR-200 flowrate sensor integrates rugged tangential turbine technology and is ideal for measuring flowrates in cooling circuits, HVAC systems and batching operations

Low Flow Brass & 316 SS Turbine Flow Meters

The FTB4700 is a plated brass meter ideal for water applications in the ranges 0.2 to 18 GPM. The FTB4800 provides a wide range flow metering in a stainless steel package.

Hot Water Flow Meters for Totalization and Rate Indication

FTB8000HW uses the multi-jet principle that has been an accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, and accuracy in low quality water.

Turbine Flow Meter For Water Totalization

Specifically designed for water billing applications, OMEGA's FTB-4000 flowmeters are highly accurate and feature tamper-resistant, non-resettable totalizers.

Plastic Flow Meters for Low to Medium Flow with Pulse Output

The FTB600B automatically compensates IR light intensity for varying fluid opacity levels to insure a strong output signal. Ideal for clear, transparent & translucent fluids.

G2-Series Brewery & Food Industry Indicating Flow Meters

The G2 High-Temp Sanitary meter is the best flow meter for brewing. It is highly dependable and affordable, making it a great choice for small-batch brewers.

Sanitary Turbine Flow Meters w/ Tri-Clamp Connection

The FTB400 sanitary flow meters are compliant with the ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard BPE-2019 for measurement of process liquids where sanitary standards are required.

Economical Turbine Flow Meter with LCD Display

FTB690 Series turbine meters with microprocessor-based electronics offers a durable, compact, high-precision fluid measurement device, with total and rate indication.

304 SS Turbine Flow Meter with Signal Conditioning Option

The FTB-100 Series of turbine meters have a sealed ball bearing design for high accuracy performance (±½% of reading full scale) at an economical cost.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters are used to measure the flow rates of liquids and gases in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications.

Omega Engineering is a leading manufacturer of turbine flow meters, offering a selection of meters used across many industries – including water treatment, food and beverage production, and pharmaceutical research. We offer a range of products suitable for almost any application. This includes:
  • General Purpose indicating flow meters and transmitters
  • 304 SS and 316 SS turbine flow meters with pulse or current output
  • Hot water flow meters with totalization and rate indication
  • Plastic flow meters with pulse output
  • NSF/ANSI certified flow meters
  • Stainless-steel low-flow turbine flow meters with optional display
  • Low flow brass and 316 SS turbine flow meters
  • Liquid flow transmitters with visual indication
  • 304 SS liquid turbine flow meters with 4-20 mA output
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