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Temperature Reference Probes for Thermocouple Calibration

Temperature Reference Probes for use in Reference Chambers are available for all standard calibrations with 12", 24", or 36" leads.

Rugged 11 Thermocouple type & mV Calibrator Thermometer

Handheld millivolt and 11 thermocouple type calibrator and thermometer. Easily adjustable dials & rugged case.

Multifunction Calibrator & Arbitrary Function Generator

The CL427 documenting Multifunction Calibrator & Arbitrary Function Generator can source and measure current, voltage and Thermocouples. 13 point Cal certificate included.

High Accuracy Pressure Transducers with Shunt Calibrator

The PX931 series has a high ±0.15% accuracy, along with a shunt calibrator for quick, convenient calibration checks. Available in many outputs and ranges.

Dry Block Temperature Calibrators and Micro-Bath Calibrators

The TCL series of Dry Block and Micro Bath calibrators feature Extremely High Accuracy and Stability with a Certificate of Calibration Included with every unit.

Ambient + 5°C to 400°C Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Dry block with temperature range from ambient +5°C to 400°C has ±0.6°C display accuracy and 0.15°C stability after 15 minutes.

-5°C to 125°C Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

-5 to 125°C temperature range dry block provides ±0.8°C accuracy with fast heating time. RS232 output and free SW. click here to see more features.

Ambient + 5°C to 450°C Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Ambient + 5°C to 450°C temperature range dry block has ±0.4°C high accuracy with well to well radial uniformity to 0.020°C.

Ambient +11°C to 260°C Temperature Dry Block Calibrator

Ambient +11 to 260°C temperature range dry block with ±1.5°C accuracy and ±0.15°C stability. 4 different well styles available. Click here to see.

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100°C to 982°C Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

100°C to 982°C temperature range cavity-type blackbody with 0.99 emissivity has a 22 mm target size and an RS-232 output.

Ambient +10°C to 400°C Temperature  Blackbody Calibrator

Ambient +10°C to 400°C temperature range blackbody calibrator provides a fast heating time and a portable miniature design.

100°C to 1046°C Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

100°C to 1046°C high temperature range cavity-type blackbody with 0.99 emissivity has a 44.5 mm diameter aperture and an RS232 output.

Ambient + 10°C to 215°C Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

Ambient + 10°C to 215°C temperature range blackbody provides high accuracy readings to ±0.5°C and good stability to ±0.1°C

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66°C to 343°C Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

66°C to 343°C temperature range blackbody calibrator has a built-in analog power controller with dial temperature readout.

100°C to 398°C Temperature   Blackbody Calibrator

100°C to 398°C temperature range blackbody calibrator has a high stability to 0.1°C. The target surface presents a large 102 mm diameter.

-18°C to 149°C Temperature Blackbody Calibrator

-18°C to 149°C temperature range blackbody calibrator allows high stability of ±0.05°C calibration point for hot and cold cycle

35°C to 450°C Temperature Surface Plate Calibrator

Surface plate calibrator with temperature range from 35°C to 450°C has accuracy to ± 2.0°C and 124 mm target plate diameter.

Rugged J,K,T, E Thermocouple Calibrator and Thermometer

Handheld thermocouple temperature calibrator and thermometer with easily adjustable dials and rugged case design. Thermocouple signals J, K, T and E.

500 Hour Thermocouple Calibrator with 0.01° Resolution

Calibrate with simultaneous source identification and measurement. High resolution and accuracy. Select from 14 or 4 thermocouple signal types. Military standard durability.

High Precision Calibration-Temperature Reference Chamber

The High Precision Ice Point Calibration Reference Chamber allows for the calibration of up to 6 of any temperature sensors at once.

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