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Karma, T Rosette Strain Gauges for Stability & High Temperatures

The K-series karma T rosette gauges feature long term stability and good linearity over a wide temperature range of -75 to 200°C (-100 to 392°F) for biaxial stresses with known principal directions.

Pre-Wired Strain Gauges for Easy Installation

These strain gauges are available in several styles with either two 1-meter leads or three 3-meter leads. All models are compensated for steel.

Cold-Curing Strain-Gage Adhesive

Cold-curing strain gage adhesives set quickly and are suitable for all series of strain gauges and compatible with most common use metals.

Digital Pressure Gauge with Measurement Memory

The DPG2001B series have the ability to store 6 readings, and have an optional NEMA 4X housing. They are battery powered with ±0.25% accuracy in a variety of pressure units.

Strain Gauge Resistors for Bridge Completion

This series of high accuracy resistors have bondable terminal pads for easy strain gauge installation. Available in 120 Ω, 250 Ω, and 350 Ω.

Compact Strain Gauge Bridge Completion Module

The BCM-2 miniature bridge completion module provides a convenient means of creating a bridge circuit when only one or two strain Gauge are being deployed

Digital Pressure Gauge with Rugged Housing

The DPG110-120 series gauges have selectable units of measure and a rugged housing for harsh environments. They are battery powered with a ±0.5% accuracy.

OEM Style Pressure Gauges

The PGC series are 2" and 2.5" dial gauges with durable construction and a ±3-2-3% accuracy in gauge, vacuum, and compound gauge ranges.

Liquid Filled and Leakproof Pressure Gauges

The PGF series are 2.5" dial gauges with a ±3-2-3% accuracy, liquid filled, and leak proof for superior performance in applications with high vibration, pulsation, and shock.

U-Clamp Panel Mount Pressure Gauges

The PGP series are 2.5" dial gauges with a ±3-2-3% accuracy that are designed for use on instrument panels, air conditioning equipment, dryers, compressors, test stands, etc.

All-Welded Pressure Gauges with Integral Diaphragm Seal

The PGR series are 4.5" dial gauges with a ±0.5% accuracy, and a stainless steel, liquid fillable and sealed design with fewer leak paths than competitive models.

Karma, Shear Half Bridge Strain Gauges with a Common Lead

The K-series karma shear gauges feature long term stability and good linearity over a wide temperature range of -75 to 200°C (-100 to 392°F) for measuring shear and torsional strain.

High Temperature Pressure Transducers with AS5202 Port

The PX1004 and PX1009 series can withstand high operating temperatures up to 232°C (450°F) and 343°C (650°F) respectively, with low thermal drift 1%/100 °F.

High Temperature, Hermetically Sealed Pressure Transducers

The PX32B1 series withstand high temperatures from -40 to +168°C (-40 to +335°F) and have a rugged housing for harsh environments including hydraulic and off-road applications.

Digital Temperature Transmitter

Loop powered 4-20 milliamp output transmitter with ABS/Polycarbonate enclosure and two on-display alarms. Includes fixed or spring loaded RTD probe.

Submersible Pressure/Temperature Data Loggers

The OM-PR Series pressure/temperature data loggers are battery powered stand alone water tight compact data loggers that record up to 64,000 readings. Click for more info.

Bolt-On Thermistor Sensor with Aluminum Flag Housing

The ON-931 series is ideal for surface sensing. It has an aluminum housing for fast transfer of heat to the sensing element. Choice of 2252, 3000, 5000, 10,000 or 30,000 ohm thermistor element.

Pressure Transducers with Premium Temperature Compensation

The PX35 series is temperature compensated with a hermetically sealed, stainless steel construction that is suitable for harsh environments with fluctuating temperatures.

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