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Class A Rtd

RTD Probe with Insulated Wire and Shrink-Tube Support

Omega's RTD probe with lead wire offers choice of 2-3- or 4-wire configuration. This is available in three temperature ranges covering -200°C to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)

RTD Probes with Mounting Threads and M12 Connectors

RTD immersion probes that have various tapered & straight mounting thread and sheath size options. 4-wire RTD construction with a M12, A-coded 4-pin connector.

PT100 RTD Probe with Quick Disconnect Miniature Connector

This connector-style probe has a 3-prong Omega "MTP" mini connector for easy connection to extension cables and handheld meters. Probe diameter is 1/8".

Adhesive Pad RTD Sensor

The SAP series RTD sensors come in curved and flat styles. An adhesive pad holds the sensor onto the surface to be measured. The RTD element used is Class A platimum 100 Ω.

-100°C to 250°C RTD Air Temperature Probes M12 Connector

PT100 RTD air temperature probe with M12 connector and NPT connections. Accuracy ranges from Class A to 1/10 DIN and 1/3 DIN per IEC60751. Withstand pressure up to 400 psi.

Quick Disconnect RTD (PT100) Probes with Standard Size Connector

The PR-13 RTD probe assembly has a 3-prong Omega "OTP" standard style connector for easy connection to extension cables, hand-held meters or other instrumentation.

Surface Mount RTD with Brass Housing

Sensor has a mounting hole to fit a #4 bolt, and comes standard with a 40" (1 meter) long cable and either 2, 3 or 4-wire connections.

Combination Thermowells Protection Heads & RTD Sanitary

PT100 Class A accuracy 3-A Sanitary 4-wire spring loaded RTD probe with thermowell & industrial head choices. For use in Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals and wash down areas.

1 Channel High Precision Handheld RTD with Probe Datalogger

IEC751 Class A accuracy and 0.01 resolution RTD datalogging thermometer with PT100 4 wire probe included. Datalogs up to 16,000 records and has a USB output.

Thermocouple and RTD Protection Heads

Protection heads are available in a variety of materials, are compatible with various probe diameters and can use transmitters. Also, configurable w/ single or dual elements.

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