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Temperature Transmitter

Dual DIN Rail Temperature Transmitter w/ Programmable Inputs

The TXDIN70 series provide two channel transmitters or isolators with 4-20 or 0-20 mA output. Programmable input types with TXDIN70-DISPLAY accessory (sold separately)

Head Mount Temperature Transmitters with RFID Communications

The TX400 series is a head mount transmitter that accepts RTD and thermocouple inputs depending on model and provides 4-20mA output. RFID requires TX400-RFID Programmer.

Programmable Head Mount Temperature Transmitter for Thermocouples

The TX86 is a universal input for RTD, TC, Ω, POT and mV with 4-20mA output. Field scalable via front panel programmable push buttons. LED display and SSR output.

Miniature Low-Cost Temperature 2-wire Transmitters

The TX91A-92A series are low cost miniature transmitters with inputs for thermocouples and RTDs with 4-20mA output. Non-isolated head mount with upscale break protection.

Field Mounted Hart Protocol Temperature Transmitter

The TXUN-FD accepts RTD, TC, Ω, and Bipolar mV Input and Analog Output. Local UI with front panel buttons. Backlit and Ex D explosion/flame proof. Hart 7 or Hart 5.

Inline Temperature Transmitter for PT100 RTDs

Water resistant with M12 connections for the sensor and signal, this transmitter includes a user programmable 4-20 milliamp output.

Head Mount Temperature Transmitters | FM Approved

The TX91-92 series transmitters are head mount with model specific input for TC & RTD ranges. Metal case, RFI shield 2-wire transmitter with 4-20mA output. Non-isolated

Miniature Head Mount Temperature Transmitters

The TX93-94-95 series are low profile 19mm design head mountable transmitters with thermocouple, RTD, or voltage input and 4-20mA out. Some models come with TC or RTD probe.

UW Series Wireless Temperature and Humidity Transmitters

The Omega UW Series Wireless Temperature & Humidity transmitters are available in handheld and NEMA models. Choose from a wide range of receivers to suit your application

ZW-ED Temperature Humidity & Barometric pressure transmitters

The ZW-ED is a rugged wireless transmitter that can be used with a wide selection Temperature, Humidity & Pressure probes to transmit data to a ZW-REC wireless receiver

Universal Temperature Connector Transmitter for TC and RTDs

The SPRTX-STCTX Series are connector transmitters for RTD's and thermocouples. The connector design converts directly to 4-20mA output. Provides open sensor indication.

RTD Head Mount Temperature Transmitter w/ User Trim

The TX12 head mount transmitter is a 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter for RTD inputs. User trim allows error null and has pushbutton configuration. LED sensor fail indicator.

High Temp Relative Humidity Temperature Transmitter w/ Probe

The HX15 Series Signal Conditioner has a remote stainless steel probe included with wall or duct mount models. 2% RH, 0.5°C accuracy. Two probe options available.

Fixed Infrared Temperature Transmitters with a Selection of Field of Views to fit most Industrial Applications

Fixed Infrared Temperature Transmitters with a Selection of Field of Views to fit most Industrial Applications

UW Series Wireless NEMA 4X PT100 RTD Temperature Transmitter

The Omega UW Series Wireless RTD transmitters are NEMA rated and compatible with any 3 Wire PT100 probe. Compatible with a wide range of Omega receivers.

Vortex Shedding Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter

FV101 Series vortex shedding flowmeters are ideal for cooling loop water/coolant solutions and have the option for an integrated temperature transmitter

Digital Temperature Transmitter

Loop powered 4-20 milliamp output transmitter with ABS/Polycarbonate enclosure and two on-display alarms. Includes fixed or spring loaded RTD probe.

Thermocouple Input Temperature Transmitter w/ Pushbutton Config

The TX13 head mount transmitter is a 2 wire 4-20mA transmitter for thermocouple inputs. Accepts Type K, J, N, E, T, R, S and mV inputs. Pushbutton range configuration.

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