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Pressure Transducers

177 Products found
General Purpose Electropneumatic Transducers I/P and E/P Models

The IP211/EP211 Series transducer is an electropneumatic device that reduces a supply pressure to a regulated output pressure directly proportional to an electrical input s... Read More

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High Performance Pressure Transducer Long Term Reliability mV/V Output METRIC 0-1 to 0-600 bar

OMEGA’s PXM5500 Transducer Series provides high performance in demanding industrial and research applications where accuracy, reliability, and price are important. This tra... Read More

PC Mountable Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Sensor

OMEGA’s PX26 Series pressure sensors feature state-of-the-art silicon technology which permits both sides of the diaphragm to handle liquids. A unique conductive seal betwe... Read More

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High Performance Pressure Transducer Ultra High Long Term Stability Rugged Aerospace Quality

OMEGA’s PX5000 Series pressure transducer has earned a reputation for high performance, reliability and stability in tough, real-world applications. This outstanding transd... Read More

Diffused Semiconductor Pressure Transmitter Rugged Aerospace Design

OMEGA's PX6000 Series pressure transducers fit easily into many applications. These low-cost transducers are small and light, and mounting requires no bulky structures.... Read More

DIN Rail Low Differential Pressure Transmitters with 4-20 mA Output

DIN Rail Low Differential Pressure Transmitters with 4-20 mA Output" Read More

Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters - Standard Models

Description OMEGA’s PX51 Series consists of high-accuracy, low-cost pressure transmitters. Their sealed, all stainless steel construction makes them suitable for the h... Read More

High Speed USB Output Pressure Transducer | PX409

The PX409 High-Speed USBH Series connects directly to your computer. Free software makes data logging and charting your readings a simple task. Also included are .NET drive... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

All Stainless Steel Transducer/Transmitter Multimedia Compatibility High-Performance Silicon Technology - Metric Models

Omega’s PXM309 Series industrial pressure transducers utilize two of our precision manufacturing techniques. Low pressure ranges from 70 mb to 3.5 bar, and absolute ranges ... Read More

Pressure Transducer Very High Accuracy Millivolt Output

OMEGA's PX01 is a very-highaccuracy, 30-millivolt output industrial pressure transducer. The all stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed case make it suita... Read More

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