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Pt100 Probe

A Pt100 probe is an assembly composed of an RTD element, a sheath, a lead wire, and a termination or connection. The Pt100 is a temperature sensor that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes.

RTD Probe with Insulated Wire and Shrink-Tube Support

Omega's RTD probe with lead wire offers choice of 2-3- or 4-wire configuration. This is available in three temperature ranges covering -200°C to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)

Quick Disconnect RTD (PT100) Probes with Standard Size Connector

The PR-13 RTD probe assembly has a 3-prong Omega "OTP" standard style connector for easy connection to extension cables, hand-held meters or other instrumentation.

Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Miniature Aluminum Protection Head

Our PR-14 series RTD probe has miniature aluminum protection head and screw-on cap with chain. It includes PT100 Ω or PT1000 Ω RTD element, and 1/2" NPT mounting threads

Spring Loaded RTD Probes with High Temp Molded M12 Connectors

RTD probes intended for use in thermowells. Spring loaded for optimal thermal contact. Include an adjustable spring, 1/2" NPT threaded fitting & 4-pin molded M12 connector.

Terminal Block RTD (PT100) Probe

Omega's RTD terminal block probe features a large terminal block connector, with large pan head screws for easy connection and also can be secured with a compression fitting.

RTD Probes with Mounting Threads and Lead Wire

Class A, pt100 RTD immersion probes with 1/8" NPT mounting threads. 40 inch long PFA insulated lead wires and 3-prong connector come standard.

RTD Probes with Molded M12 Connectors

Class A 100 or 1000 ohm platinum RTD immersion probes with a molded plastic 4-pin M12 connector and 316 SS sheath. Available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

RTD probes with 4 to 20mA Analog Output and M12 Connector

RTD probes that have a 4 to 20 milliamp programmable/scalable output and a molded M12, A-coded connector. Various lengths and diameters available.

RTD Probes with Mounting Threads & Micro-DIN Connectors

100 or 1000 ohm platinum RTD immersion probes with a 4-wire construction and Micro-DIN Connector. Various tapered and straight mounting threads, and sheath sizes available.

Omega Link M12 Modular Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Smart Probe

The Omega Link SP-005 seamlessly integrates standard M12 thermocouple and RTD probes into your sensor network. It supports up to 2 TCs or 1 RTD and features digital I/O.

RTD Utility Handle Probe

The PR-16 series features an easy-grip molded handle. It has a 3-conductor retractable cable and is available in standard lengths of 12, 18 and 24 inches.

Extruder RTD Probes with Compression Fittings

Thin-film element RTD probes with 1/8" NPT brass compression fittings and armored cable. Commonly used in extruder & molding equipment. Straight and bend options available.

Omega Link Smart Probe to Modbus RTU RS-485 serial Interface

The rugged IF-002 integrates any Omega Link Smart Probe into a Modbus network. It provides a RS485 serial interface that supports Modbus RTU and a command line interpreter.

Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Cast Iron Protection Head

Our PR-12 series probe cast iron protection head and screw-on cap contains PT100 Ω platinum RTD element or PT1000 Ω RTD element, and 1/2" NPT mounting threads.

Compact RTD Probe with Mounting Thread and M12 Connector

RTD probes that are Ideal for pressurized containers. Have a 1/8" NPT or 1/8 BSPP (G 1/8) mounting thread, 4-pin M12 A-coded connector and molded transition.

PT100 RTD Probe with Quick Disconnect Miniature Connector

This connector-style probe has a 3-prong Omega "MTP" mini connector for easy connection to extension cables and handheld meters. Probe diameter is 1/8".

RTD Probes with Mounting Threads and M12 Connectors

RTD immersion probes that have various tapered & straight mounting thread and sheath size options. 4-wire RTD construction with a M12, A-coded 4-pin connector.

RTD probes with 4 to 20mA Analog Output & Mounting Threads

RTD probes that have a 4 to 20 milliamp programmable/scalable output, molded body, and M12 connector. Available with either 1/8" NPT or BSPP (G1/8) mounting threads.

SS RTD probes with 4 to 20mA analog output & Mounting Threads

RTD probes that have a 4 to 20 milliamp programmable/scalable output, SS body, and M12 connector. Available with either 1/8" NPT or BSPP (G1/8) mounting threads.

The Termination

Pt100 probes may be terminated in a connection head, quick disconnect, terminal block, or extension wire. OMEGA’s standard terminations are pictured on product pages. Other termination styles are available upon special request. For something other than standard products, please contact our sales team to submit a full description and/or sketch of your desired version.

The Lead Wire

Lead styles and RTD extension cables are offered in one of four configurations. Style 2 is OMEGA’s standard. Be sure to select the configuration that is compatible with your instrumentation.

The Sheath

The sheath, a closed end tube, immobilizes the element, protecting it against moisture and the environment to be measured. The sheath also provides protection and stability to the transition lead wires from the fragile element wires. OMEGA’s standard sheaths are 3 mm (1/8") and 6 mm (1/4") O. D. 304 stainless steel tubes. Other O.D.’s and materials are available upon request.

The Element

The standard OMEGA® RTD probe is made with a 100 ohm platinum European curve element (á = 0.00385).

Temperature Rating

OMEGA’s "PR" style RTD probe assemblies are rated for use in temperatures up to 600°C (1110°F). The "PRTF" style probes are rated up to 260 or 500ºC depending on construction Temperature limitations may be placed on termination styles due to the wire insulation used. The maximum temperature rating available on special order is 750°C (1380°F). If probe is intended for high temperature use, please request a quotation.

OMEGA stocks a broad line of Pt100 probes for immediate delivery. Many special assembly probes are available for shipment within two weeks of receipt of your order. Please consult Sales Department for further details on your special needs.

Lead Configurations of Pt100 Probes

Lead configuration 1 provides one connection to each end of the sensor. This construction is suitable where the resistance of the run of lead wire may be considered as an additive constant in the circuit, and particularly where the changes in lead resistance due to ambient temperature changes can be ignored.

Note: The resistance of probe and extension is added to the sensor resistance and will increase the measured value.

short-image-description Style 1 short-image-description Style 2 short-image-description Style 3 short-image-description Style 4

Lead configuration 2 (Standard) provides one connection to one end and two to the other end of the sensor. Connected to an instrument designed to accept three-wire input, compensation is achieved for lead resistance and temperature change in lead resistance. This is the most commonly used configuration.

Lead configuration 3 provides two connections to each end of the sensor. This construction is used for measurements of the highest precision.

Lead configuration 4 is similar to Lead Configuration 3 except that a separate pair of wires is provided as a loop to provide compensation for lead resistance and ambient temperature changes in lead resistance.

In this article, the different options to wire an RTD Pt100 probe are explained.

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